Haunted Places in Florida

As soon as you hear the name Florida, you imagine coastlines, beaches, sands, and of course, the sun! The weather in Florida is pretty warm throughout the year compared to the rest of the United States. You won’t really need to use heaters while staying in Florida. However, there certainly are places which will send cold shivers down your spine.

Cuban Club – Circulo Cubano de Tampa

Cuban Club - Circulo Cubano de Tampa

Geographically, Florida is pretty close to Cuba. This place is indeed meant for the Cuban community. However, if history is to be believed, at least two gruesome deaths have taken place here. The ghosts of those who died, as well as a few other people, are claimed to have been spotted by visitors to this place. The club is currently rented out for conducting events.

Lake Lucerne – Lady in White

Lake Lucerne Orlando

While the Cuban club mentioned above lies in Tampa, this is a haunted place which lies in Orlando. Lake Lucerne is a famous lake in Orlando. On the southern shore of the lake, there is an old oak tree and it has been rumored that a lady in white has often been spotted here.

Ma Barker’s House

Ma Barker's House

This place is located in the relatively lesser known town of Ocklawaha and is certainly not meant for those who have heart trouble. The place is the site of a shootout of a mother and her son which involved firing more than 2,000 bullets. Needless to say, people believe that those spirits still live here and continue to haunt the place. A few years ago, it was even put up on auction but the minimum price was not met. Every January, the shootout scene is re-enacted. The house was built in the 1930s and lies in front of a lake.

Olustee Battlefield

Olustee Battlefield

A battle field is supposed to be a place of violence already, adding mystery and horror to it merely increases the suspense. The Olustee Battlefield lies in Baker, and is a historically important place in terms of the civil war. Re-enactments of that war take place here. The actors who take part in the re-enactment claim that they come across mysterious orbs while clicking photos of the re-enactment. As per them, they appear to be spirits of the soldiers who died in the war.

Carriage House Apartments – Chelsea Courtyards

carriage house apartments Chelsea Courtyards

Based in Jacksonville, this is another place which is sure to evoke shrieks and screams. Horrific stories and rumors have been spread about this apartment complex, such as blood dripping from walls, foul smells, decaying faces seen in mirrors, etc. In fact, there is even some confusion as to which of the apartments is actually haunted. A reason for this confusion is that so far nobody has been able to stay with the ghosts here. Many people have been reported to be killed here, some due to illnesses and some due to fire. Even on the grounds, a white ghost cat is claimed to have been spotted by many people. So it is definitely a very disturbing place for sure.