What is the Most Haunted Place on Earth?

It is often difficult to determine which is the most beautiful place on earth, because the perception of beauty often varies from one person to another. Similarly, it is difficult to pinpoint any one location as being the most haunted place on earth. Different people have different kinds of fears and even if they do share some common fears, they may not be equally scared about it. However, the Beechworth lunatic asylum is one particular place that is sure to make anyone feel terrified.

What is the Most Haunted Place on Earth

Where is it?

The Beechworth lunatic asylum is located in the city of Beechworth, in the Australian state of Victoria. It used to be called as Mayday Hills lunatic asylum earlier. Vast stretches of farmland can be found around the asylum. This resulted in the asylum having its own flora and fauna, making it very self-sufficient. There were even sports facilities and a theatre in place.

What makes it very haunted?

A lunatic asylum is anyway not a place meant for hanging out. It is definitely a terrifying place to be in because the behavior of some patients can be really creepy. On top of that, having a name like ‘Mayday Hills’ evokes a sense of panic and emergency. It stopped operating as a mental hospital in 1995, after which it is considered to have been abandoned. It had started operations in 1867, so it has a very long history of nearly130 years. It was the fourth hospital of its kind to be built in Victoria as well as one of the top 3 in terms of size. At one point of time, as many as 1200 patients called this their home. Unfortunately, running a mental asylum is never an easy task.

It is said that about 9000 patients have died here throughout its long history. Naturally, many people believe that the souls of these patients are still roaming about in the asylum. This is very terrifying just to think about.  Specially constructed walls and trenches surround the asylum. These were made to prevent inmates from escaping, while appearing to be not very restrictive to outsiders.

The administration left no stone unturned to make sure that patients find it very tough to leave the asylum on their own. Not only did the sloping trenches make it difficult to scale the walls, but even the admission process was deliberately designed to make it tough to get out. For admission, two signatures were enough but for leaving, eight were needed.

How can visitors experience this place?

‘Ghost tours’ are arranged at night time for visitors. At present the asylum’s ownership lies with La Trobe Beechworth Pty Ltd. The La Trobe University is at the helm of affairs, responsible for the management of the asylum. There is even a chapel to the west of the asylum, which hosts weddings. It is nearly as old as the asylum itself and was used as a mortuary earlier. Apart from that, during daytime, visitors can enjoy the large gardens, which go back to the 19thcentury.