Hopper’s Travel App offers Customized Notifications for the Cheapest Flights Fares

Hopper’s Travel app claims to offer instant and almost real time updates for the ever-changing ticker prices in an easy to read manner on your smartphone. The app acts as a personal travel manager and offers you the latest updates about when it’s the best time to buy a ticket and not end up paying extra.

Among the customizations included within the app, it allows the user to setup their watch lists for their preferred destinations. It also comes with a color-coded calendar which shows different travel dates with their applicable rates. The best is the feature which sends across an updated notification when it’s the best time to buy. The app makes money every time a user books a ticket using the app. It charges a $5 convenience fee in addition to commission from the airlines for the booking.

Hopper Travel App

The company is presently tracking over 2 billion flight prices each day and is sending over 12 million notifications to its users each month. It has already touched a user base of over 6 million users with 50% active users. If that was not all, it offers over 9 million trip watchers and adds about 2 million new trips every month.

There are a host of changes which the Hopper 3.0 comes up with, It now offers a lot of customizable options to suit virtually the need of every customer. In addition, there is a new notification feed which presents updates about all the watched trips by the user. A user will be able to watch them at a glance and stay updated with the changes to the prices in a single location. The company has plans to take its app to a newer level and become a mobile travel agent. The focus is now on pointing users to different kinds of fares and helping them to minimize the layovers or other hassles. With Hopper around, it will be a lot easier to manage international travel plans along with other travel requirements.