The New Trend of ‘Bleisure’ Travel on Flights

You are hard-pressed to spend time with your family and take them on vacation, but you are also equally urged to prepare yourself in advance for that next business meeting abroad. Sounds familiar? A new trend is coming up in international flights wherein passengers are increasingly opting for combining their business and leisure trips, according to Aer Lingus, Ireland’s national carrier. They believe that this is where business-class travel is headed for in the future.

This is naturally something that hasn’t gone down very well with those people for whom business class literally meant pure and serious business, an area where they could peacefully prepare themselves for work with greater privacy.

Aer Lingus

And this phenomenon is not just limited to passengers traveling alone or even with a companion, but also to families having kids. This naturally makes a big hole in the pocket, because business class tickets have very high fare compared to their economy class counterparts. Multiply that with the number of people in your family accompanying you, and you can realise just how stretched people are today in order to meet their personal and professional responsibilities simultaneously.

Such combining, as stated by some customers of Aer Lingus who practice this trend, allows the working passenger to sit separately from the rest of the family in order to focus on the task at hand while leaving kids busy with enjoying different varieties of food and having ample space to move around and play games.

However, the question is, what about those people who deliberately go for a business class ticket mainly for the privacy and comfort it offers? How will they receive this change in the preferences of other passengers? This trend might serve as a warning to them, indicating that they should be prepared to stop thinking of business class as an exclusive space for seeking refuge.