‘Smart bags’ and other Travel Trends of the Year

The year 2015 is quickly coming to a close, and it is the right time to summarise the trends that have been seen in the world of travel. For example, the ‘enRoute’ magazine from Air Canada has revealed some interesting findings.

For starters, we are beginning to see smart bags as one of the top technology-driven changes in travel. We are beginning to see suitcases that have a digital scale built-in (very useful for determining whether to carry on the luggage into the passenger cabin or to drop it off as checked luggage/cargo) as well as bags featuring a battery to power all your gizmos. We are also seeing an increasing number of apps that aim to track the location of your baggage. This area is receiving attention from biggies like Samsung and Samsonite.

 Travel Trends of the Year

Coming to the dining experience, as unique as it may sound, there are apps for reserving seats for dinner in private homes. The enRoute magazine mentions CookApp, EatWith and Feastly as examples. Restaurants at airports are beginning to have tablets which automate the food order and payment workflows during the time when passengers are expecting their flights to arrive.

There are also innovations seen in the traditional, brick-and-mortar stores. Eateries such as New York and Chicago’s Eataly are coming up which give a blended shopping and eating experience. As for hospitality, some new niches are emerging. Hostels are becoming more sophisticated, certain specific hotels are focused on restoring healthy sleep patterns combining it with other facilities for wellness (which is a boon for passengers frequently suffering from jet lag) and there are also CSR-focused hotels where you can be sure that your money is being spent not just to fill the pockets of the management and staff but for the uplift of the locality as a whole.

In terms of travel attractions, tier-2 cities in China such as Wuhan and Guangzhou are growing in popularity, and because of the increasing awareness about fitness, holidays having cycling activities are being opted for in large numbers.